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Title: i am off
Post by: tuzzi on March 16, 2005, 10:10:57 pm
oki i posted a msg that i leave AO now but for som reason FC diden like me to post a ark name so they removed it.

I leave AO cus i am feed up wid all the bugs.
in the last 2 month i lost items for ower 300mil cus of bugs in AO.

and when the ark's are rude and dont want to speek wid me i dont see any reason to suport FC at all wid playing AO and give they money so they can give us more bugs.

way not change name from Anarchy Online to Anarchy Online Beta cus thats what it is.

and to FC i gone post this MSG to every other game bord i find out there that is somting about AO on if u delete this msg so my complain about ark and FC u never get away from.

when FC and ark start to lisen to peeps and help insted to send shit back into they face maybe i get back but not befor.

I am shure the peeps behind Ark found out they only wanted som power so they asket FC to "help them making this game more stupid for the paying players" but maybe i am wrong cus they never helped me..

most of the arks and GM i seen in AO is only there to show i am better then u i can do anyting i can mix wid the graphic and make cool efects..

So tnx for me  (Tuzzi and Nukemtuzzy on RK1)