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QUEST : Inferno Clan Sanctuary Quest (perm - key ) COMPLETED

Started by kiwaczek, February 14, 2004, 05:12:43 pm

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grab mission from NPC in garden - located near save point (Forrester Gal Zean) , to get key you need kill 9 mobs :

1 step - kill Fortuitous Man-Lum Mord

he is located in 3000x900 in unradeemed village

2 step - kill Follower Eckel Wox Mord

located in Morodeth temple - right side Properth room

3 step - kill Fortuitous Man-Fes Mord

is located in second room in Morodeth temple (left side room)

4 step - kill Hypnagogic Yutt- Chi Mord

is located in second room in Morodeth temple (middle room)

5 step - kill Celeth Kuir ,The Custiodan

dungeon near Vanya temple (205 custiodans), or unradeemed village  - near Dark Marshes  

6 step - kill Erath Suir ,The Custiodan

unradeemed village 2700x900  (Dark Marshes) left from entrace, near wall

7 step - kill Properth

all know where  :D

8 step - kill Omega

all know where  :D

9 step -kill  Morodeth

and grab you perm key :)

gona update this a bit later
Kiwaczek  proud member of   Alpha Omega


kinda update  - Accolyte dont spawn after first kill properth :(

we waiting for next spawn... i hope rest quest is not buged...
anyone can confirm finished clan quest ?
Kiwaczek  proud member of   Alpha Omega


ok , done :D

looks first spawn be buged , after we wait 1,5h - next properth spawn Accolyte

RK2 have now 5x sanctuary keys :D
Kiwaczek  proud member of   Alpha Omega


Nice one, thanks for this mate. Looks a damn site easier than the garden quest.


Yeah, was a pretty gimp quest after the garden quest, the only gnarly thing being the timers, in as much as you have 12 hours per mob to kill them.

Basically means you need to do this is in one session, which can be icky. Also, while the first few mobs are easily doable by one good team, prophet/omega/mordeth represents a small difficulty, in that you need to get loot rights, but it can be tricky to get em down with just one team. Bring in a faction raid, and getting the dmg could represent a problem, depending on your team.


I know for Pen sanct quest we had a team of 5 that needed key... 200+ fix 200 NT 200 MA 190ish crat 190ish mp... not exactly the most desireable team.... but we all just went all out and the other 2 teams buffed the shit out of us to make sure we got loot... if others go about 75% agg or even 50% agg that should do the trick
Layartic - 215 opi fix RK2
Sunebam - 199 nano doc RK2


BTW the first mob... Take Yutto's Exit, to Barracks.

3000 X 1110 is good meeting place.

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Celeth Kuir ,The Custiodan can be found in Inferno static dungeon, the one close to Sorrow.


Quote from: "Octopuss"what's respawn on the mobs?

Any1 knows ?


Respawn time for Properth is 90 minutes (after its last spawn). In inferno, you do not need to leave dungeon for timer reset.

Once you pull and finish Properth, a small mob pops and you feed him with 6 inisignias. Just open trade window with him directly (no need to listen to conversation) and give him the 6 insignias. Do not close the talk window before the mob tells you something like "take the beast". Then, Omega pops on platform. Once you pull and finish Omega, Morodeth pops on platform.
(c.f. http://ao.shadow-realm.org/viewtopic.php?t=250 for more details and pictures.)

For the final bosses, tricky part is the pulling. A good team can take down the bosses one by one, but with adds it gets difficult.

The way bosses behave has changed in some previous patch. We did it several times today and failed until the last one. The current working hypothesis of the best way to pull is:
Step 1. After the boss spawn, wait exactly 7 minutes for the adds to despawn but before boss despawn. MP should pre-target boss for NSD in the future. (I am not quite sure about whether or not to wait for 7 minutes. Anyone please confirm this & talk more about the details?)
Step 2. Shoot or debuff pull the boss, run W from the WN exit of boss room and zone.
Step 3. After zone, wait 15 seconds or so until adds lose aggro (if there is any. can check on map).
Step 4. Puller zone back through the WS entrace of the faction room. Once puller enters faction room, the pulled boss would wrap in (without adds) and the team can then take down the boss without adds. MP should NSD the boss right away.

If at Step 2 you DOT pull instead of range or debuff pull, the boss will zone out of the room with the puller and starts to hit the puller. Therefore, if you DOT pull, you may want to first clean the 4 or so mobs outside faction room. When puller zone out of faction room, boss will probably zoom with him but the adds possibly do not. Then the team can finish the boss outside faction room. If for any reason the boss does not zone together with the puller, all team members re-enter faction room, especially the puller re-enter faction room in 15 seconds or so (when adds lost aggro?).

Note that the bosses despawn fast. If the puller is down, the time is takes from garden back to faction room is about the same time it takes the bosss to despawn. Even if team members try to keep aggro from the bosses, bosses still despawn fast. Therefore you had better have a second backup puller or run like hell back to faction room if puller is down. Even if the puller makes it in time from garden before boss despawn, the remaining adds (on or near the platform to the E side of room) if not despawned may instant aggro puller and possibly kill the puller again before he starts to pull the boss. The adds hit for about 2.5K and the boss hits for about 3.5K. Therefore puller needs to be prepared for more difficult pulling whenever anything goes wrong.

Anyway, it's the best to have a high level puller outside mission team so that even if the puller dies, mission team can still survive and continue with second puller.

I am not sure if this is the best way. If anyone knows better ways please advise. Thank you.