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TIP : How to walk to Ergo without getting ganked...

Started by Roedran, October 01, 2003, 03:22:20 pm

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:idea: Dunno why I didn't try this till today.

I've had to walk to ergo underwater too many times to
count, and always ganking by ermites was an issue.

Well, I've found a way around that helps at the last leg.
(Or it may work walking the entire way/on parasites?)

As you head N from the Scalleum docs to Ergo, you'll
encounter this fizzure in the dark green area. Going N from
there gets you to ergo. However, it's full of ermites.

Press H to sneak -- and sneak along the Northern wall of the path
to the white caves. I didn't get touched by any of 'em.

BTW my concealment is only 299 -- I'm guess that's what sneak
works with. My Perception is 582, again, not sure if that plays into it.

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What is your sneak skill?  :shock:  It sounds like a plan!  :twisted:


killed the first 2 eris then i was sneaking again and going as far as i can on the right side of the wall i get no more adds
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I got 5-6 adds, but managed to kill them, my pernicus armor bugged my concealment so using it got the adds on me.


the eremites cant be scared off if you shoot at them and they are hard as heck to mezz but pyramid marketing seemed to work against them which is a really crappy trader mass root. i managed to root some run ( if you can call it that) out of range and kill the 1 green one until i could manage the rest. the easiest way i found was to slink along the wall to the east until you get aggro from 1 of the geen ones and hopefully there wont be a lot near him so he can be disposed of easily


Get level 201 then you can


And they don't even bat an eyelid :P


Hrm odd, I've walked to Ergo 4 times now, and am yet to find a single mob other than some stingers (which I kill for kicks since it's so boring).  There are those jellyfish looking things, but they don't give agg....maybe I'm just walking some weird way or someone has cleared them out every time I've gone.   :shock:


They seem to have been removed. The ermites that once was there is gone atleast or moved to another location. Now is a safe place to travel to ergo again


The number of Eremites are reduced.. and there are no longer 5 of them by the Ergo enterance. They changed the runspeed modifier from -1500 to -750 too. Thank god for that!