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QUEST : Elysium -> Scheol ( + 2 ) Ring

Started by DoDraugen, September 30, 2003, 08:24:04 am

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There are 5 steps to this quest.

The gathering of the 4 components for Ergo, and a final battle with the challenger.

The 4 pieces you need is dropped by "Lost xxxxx" mobs.
Imp(wings), Eremite(Vibrissa), Hiathlin(Spine) and Mortiig(heart).

The lost mob is grey, hes death spawns a "A xxxxx out of nowhere", this mob is lvl 70-80 i seem to remember. And this mobs death spawns a "xxxx you dident see", and then a "another xxxx you dident see" is spawned. Neither of these mobs do any much dmg, but they grow in HP as they spawn.
The final spawn is 3x mobs. One healthy, around lvl 100, and two other mob. All 3 of them can do some damage, so the trick is to take out the two not so healthy, ones first(they died after a punch from my demon, so very little HP), and then the Healthy one.

The mobs are located as follows:

Mortiig, Callous Cliffs, south Elysium
Eremite, Shell beach, North Elysium
Hiathlin, The Fissure, East Elysium
Imp, Archbile forest, West Elysium

When you have these 4 items, take them to Ergo. You find him way up north, the red exit mark on the map. And remember to approach from the direct south, or you wont get to the entrance.

Give the items to Ergo, and you can ask him for the final test, the test of the challenger. if you are just at the levels of the next world, you should find the nanos "The bane of the challenger". dropped most frequently on two sites;

Spiders, White pass, South Elysium
Imps, Archbile forest, West Elysium

If you want to do this quest more "true" to the game.
you can get all this info in-game, all you need to do is talk to Ergo first. And he will tell you all you need.

They way to the challenger is the room between Ergo, and the portal to Scheol. The machine in the middle of the room teleports you there, just stand on it, and mayby walk around a bit(i had troubles getting in).

Then you end up in a small static dungeon. with just the same mobs as an unredeemed temple(surely becouse im Redeemed), and the *Challenger at the end. He was lvl 90, and had approx 60k HP. He had big trouble hitting my 160 Revenant pet, so not sure how much dmg he can do.

then return to Ergo, give him the items from the challenger, and the proffesion ring, you got from him when yo travveled to Elysium.
And he will give you the next ring in return :-)


Would anyone happen to have some coords of these mobs?
I about to do this quest for my shade, and a specific spot in each area could really cut down on the amount of time this quest would take.
Never had to do this quest with my 200 nt.
Thanks a bunch for the help :)



All "Lost xxxx" mobs have multiple spawnspots + they start to wander around after awhile. Best bet is to check Spheremap for approximate spawnspots (green dots) and then scout little surroundings while tabbing. I personally found all but hiathin in pretty short time (the mob was hiding near Port Seven).


Does anyone know a good way to get to Ergo?  I keep getting jumped by the Minx, Devourers, and Cripplers.   I approach directly from the south, following the path.  But they always seem to aggro me...