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Neutral Loving.. Both Penumbra Garden Keys at once!

Started by Jeona, February 27, 2006, 03:55:41 pm

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And yet another in my series of both keys at one time for neutrals...

Requirements:  1.  Neutral in alignment.
                      2.  Positive faction with both sides. (as if we really need red/unred faction.)
                      3.  Time to travel.
                      4.  35 of those most wonderful fragments of the source.

Setup:   This quest is actually one of the easier ones.  It requires you to go to both the Unredeemed temple and Redeemed temple to get the quests from both sides.  Since all you have to do is "Target this mob" and move on.. things get easier.  I will refer you to those pages for the garden quests and what exact mobs you are looking for.  I'm tired.. don't feel like typing it out.

Simply travel to each location, find the mob.. find next mob.. .  Once you have found all the mobs for one quest, a scanner will popup into your inventory.  This scanner is not unique, it is special and not attuned to any side.  As such don't touch it! don't accidentally scan all 35 frags.. put that bad boy into a safe location with your frags. 

For doing both quests at once, the hardest part will be on the clan quest.  The last mob you have to target is the Omega Carlos.  As this guy is a tough sonofagun, I recommend you wait until an org or so is camping him and target him when they summon him.  You'll have about 30 days for each part, so this won't be that tough.  Just camp and someone invariably comes to kill him.

OKay.... now for the fun part, you have found ALL mobs, even Carlos.  and you get a second scanner.  Nice.. two of those.  It doesn't matter which one you use to scan the fragments.  As soon as one scanner quits you will get both quests to update and get Two scanners in your inventory.  This will happen each time.  So believe me, you will end up with all of these extra scanners and finally both garden keys will appear in your inventory for the price tag of 35 frags and a lot of travel time!   Enjoy