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A noob, And his questions.

Started by Scutio, June 22, 2005, 04:12:32 pm

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As the topic states iam a first grade noob. I returned to AO after playing Daoc for about 4 years. i Truly enjoy ao and i love the game its turned into .
I recently bught all the expansions and started lvling a keeper. i just turned 66 roaming through ely . However. i got some questions concerning Sl that are rather urgent.

1. All theese factions makes me confused.
Is there any faction i should aim for ? ie killing special mobs.
Is there any faction i REALLY dont wanna get on the bad side with?
If there is a faction i should avoid or search for how do i know what mob belongs to what faction without checking shift+click ? .

2. When trying to enter a enel sanct statue it says "Target side must be omni"
And iam indeed omni . what gives ?

3. Permanent Garden keys.
Im guessing theese quests are done so you dont have to kill random mobs  to get keys ? . Do i have to do the first gardenkey quest to be able to do the higher ones ? or is one key good enough for all of the same faction gardens ?

4. Is any faction better then the other ?

I'd really appriciate some answers to theese newb questions :) . IF there is a guide or thread that covers theese issues i appologise and would appriciate just a nod in the right direction .


Not sure, but you probably had a reply somewhere else, but:

Factions are basically Omni/Clan for the Shadowlands, so if you choose Omni on Rubi Ka, then you will be alligned to the Unredeemed, and are advised to kill Redeemed Mobs.

You can visually see which side a mob is, Unredeemed look quite evil and dark, and the Redeemed are mostly white, tall, 'god-like' figures.

2/ That must be a Bug, since Enel is a Redeemed/Clan Area, it should say 'Target side must be not Omni'.

3/ The Garden/Sanctuary keys are so you do not need to hunt Insignias to be granted passage to said Garden/Sanctuary.
You can collect say, Elysium garden key, without collecting Nascence, but you still need the Nascence key to access that specific Zones Garden/Sanc.

4/ No :P every faction has good and bad points.

Oh just remembering, Always try to keep Guardians of the Shadows Faction as high as possible, by hunting Hecklers and Croakers, this gives you access to the next Shadowland zones.
Also, i have no idea how 'followers of the temple' etc. work, so maybe someone else can clear this up.



Has all you need to know about Factions :P