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Zodiac, raid, etc

Started by davidchiou, July 28, 2005, 11:05:42 am

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There are not many well written public info about Pande. Information about Pande is limited as compared to other worlds. Usually we just join raids and follow people. I will try collect some info and post here.

Excerpted from:

From: Muert3

how do you get by zodiac?
can only seem to go to garden but no further?
how do you get deeper into pande?

From: Talan

There are three mobs beyond the garden statues, two hiisi' mobs (I think at anyrate), and one big Notum Scroge looking sucker, kill the middle dude, and a portal spawns, from there you are on the next island of pande, and watch your step, there is some nasty stuff there.

But be warned, people might take exception if you start wacking zods and screwing up bot timers for the public bots, etc. I don't know how RK1 does it, but RK2 has a rather nice arrangment, one week clans raid the beast/zods, and the next week omni/neuts raid, the raids are run by public point bots, so that everyone gets a chance at loot.

Keeps people from griefing, screwing up spawns, etc.

From: Malosar

You proceed further into pandemonium by killing Zodiac which spawns a portal. Pandemonium is a high level zone which is done daily by high level raid forces to get zodiac and beast loot. It's not something you casually wander around by yourself.