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Training Grounds in Nascense...

Started by Lamargo, June 14, 2005, 06:59:29 pm

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Hi everyone!

ATLAST! I've found a shadowlands forum! :) (ok it's the 1st time I looked!  :lol: )

Anywayz... I have an established toon from rubi-ka? Anyway to get into the training grounds in SL? or is it like RK, once u leave u cant go back?



P.S I just got SL a week ago so go easy on me for my ignorance! :)

Lamargo, lvl 95 Engineer


Yah once you leave you can't go back into the training ground. Or was it past lvl 50 you can't go back hrmm


Thanks for the reply, I think the level 50 limit must be it because there is a door in jobe research that doesnt let me in cause I'm over lvl 50!

Oh well, only wanted the jobe bracer (curiosity more than anything else! :) ) but I'll just need to wait till i can be bothered making a keeper alt...

Lamargo, lvl 95 Engineer


What is the best way to get to the Jobe Backyard?  Provided, of course, you did not start there and are less than lvl 50.


the best way is to go through the job portals and then once on jobe find the jobe research door and go through that and then once you come out you should go right and up the stairs and straight into the door straight ahead and the vendor ppl should be off to your left before you go through the door into the back yard at the top of the stairs