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Transition between gardens

Started by pshylocke, February 01, 2005, 08:42:36 pm

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As a newbie who has sl, I haven't figured out how to get to the differen't gardens nor the "Inner Sanctums".  I've done the quest to get the key for the Garden of Thrak.  I have two characters lvl 61 now.  I don't know how to progress.  I see the quest guides here, but even with that info I can't figure out where to go.

Can someone help this poor n00b13?


I'm still a bit of a newb myself to AO, but I'll try and answer what I think you're asking...   To get to the different gardens you'll have to complete different, separate quests for each garden and sanctuary (to get your permanent key).  The sanctuary quests are actually for getting access to certain vendors, mainly the ones who sell certain valuable nanoprograms.  Btw, Nascense only has gardens (at least I hope so, I better not be missing out on any sanctuarys  :wink: )
Now, depending on if you have chosen a side (clan or omni), this can make getting keys to both gardens of a given area (by area i'm talking about nascense, elysium, ect..) difficult as your faction to the opposing side in SL (redeemed/clan and unredeemed/omni) will be crap or aka kill on sight.  

But if you're neutral like me, this isn't a problem and you can get keys to both sides.. at least I haven't ran into any problems as of yet on nascense (have keys to both thrak and aban).
I think your best friend will be the site known as
The site doesn't have all the garden key quests and sanctuary quests listed to date, but it gets you started and explains it well (giving exact coordinates and such as to where you need to go).

More specific links to the garden key quests on anarchyarcanum..
http://www.anarchyarcanum.com/quest_sl-gardenthrak.html Thrak/Unredeemed side (Omni)

http://www.anarchyarcanum.com/quest_sl-gardenaban.html Aban/Redeemed side (Clan)

http://www.anarchyarcanum.com/quest_sl-gardenshere.html Shere garden/Unredeemed side (Omni)

http://www.anarchyarcanum.com/quest_sl-sanctuaryshere.html Shere sanctuary/Unredeemed side (Omni)

Hope this helps.   :)