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Started by herodotus2, September 29, 2003, 09:50:18 pm

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Whilst out hunting Embryo's and Vision's we happened across this ugly mofo. the boss wasn't that good looking either :D

Scheol - Unredeemed Temple, lower East side of Scheol

He dropped

Ring of Computing

Wrath of Zeus



its funny because samedi in english is saturday.


In english?  I'm sure you mean french.

Oh, and this emoticon looks like an ass. -->   :idea:   <--
Don't know why, I just get that 'ass' feeling when I look at it.   :shock:
The most probable cause of death seems to be AAAAARGH!


Ran across this thread whilst looking for information on Scheol...

Just for info, the name of the boss Samedi probably comes from 'Baron Samedi' as honoured during the 'day of the dead' in Haiti, the Baron being the keeper of the cemetery, and gatekeeper to the spiritual world.

Scheol being the name for the afterlife or limbo, in several religions, coming from the Hebrew word She'ol.


Oh, nearly forgot, he was in an old James Bond film, Live and Let Die :)

(Baron Samedi that is)