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Factionbot and Factioning (Atlantean Server)

Started by windguaerd, July 15, 2004, 07:15:07 am

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Not sure if there is a bot in Rimor, but I know for a fact there is a factionbot in Atlantean.

First of all, NEVER join the channel unless you have access to Inferno, second is that if you're new, listen before you do ANYTHING.

Start by doing /tell factionbot !join

Then check if people are factioning, or just waiting (1hr between Mordeth spawns).

Check out this thread for info on teaming at Mordeth.

There are protocols. First, once the Prophet is dead EVERYONE needs to stop fighting and the mob that appears NEEDS to be calmed (MP's need to set their pets to /behind to avoid autoaggro). Feeder needs 6 insignias (like Vanya), same process.

After feeding, EVERYONE needs to wait for 7 minutes, do !time in the factionbot channel to keep track of this. This applies to Omega Sir Vortigern and Unredeemed Mordeth, both needs a waiting period.


Because each requires a FAKE PULL, which means Puller goes in, aggroes the target (omega/mordeth) and hauls ass (tons of mobs will follow) using the opposite side from where the people are waiting (the opposide corridor, usually the left side is used for fake pulls).

Puller runs OUT of the room. Mobs go back to place (called reset).

Once the reset it done, then a REAL pull takes place, this reduces the chances of adds by a LOT. Fake pulling applies to Omega Sir Vortigern and Unredeemed Mordeth.

If a Puller does his job well, there won't be adds...but there are times when shit happens, so focus on killing adds FIRST!, then the main target.

If you're unsure, don't sweat it, just relax and ask SIMPLE questions, everyone is friendly and welcomes more people (3 teams are a minimum to do Mordeth, so people are always needed).

The beauty is that if well organized, everyone gets faction, all mobs are pwned and everyone wins!

Don't get down if things go to hell, sometimes shit happens....feeder didn't feed, mob that was supposed to be calmed wasn't....tons of adds that kill everyone,etc. But there is always another hour, another day.



I'd like to add that if factionbot is down CLAN OOC is used instead...

btw nothing like idiot training all the mobs to the factioners and angrily asking "what's fake pull?" :P


Advice for Factioning Engineers in Inferno.  

Please if you go afk while on Factionbot with your team at Mordeth DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BOTS UP and running in auto attack mode.  We had an engineer do this with three full teams in the room, and her two bots fought the Aco after it spawned until the Aco finally killed her two bots then her.  All we could do was stand there helplessly and watch.  

Afterwards, we tried to feed the insigs to the Aco and he would not respond or take the six insigs, and simply despawned wasting the 50 minute reset wait, and then we waited for over an hour for the Prophet to respawn after this  mistake.(':cry:')

This was so depressing we ultimately just disbanded for the day.(':oops:')