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Buggy things in Adonis

Started by Tastee, June 03, 2004, 05:37:49 pm

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I have several issues in Adonis. Granted I have only been as far as the southeaset Desert area.

1. It seems that I always have to logoff and back on to make nano/health packs work and to help prevent rubberbanding. I think this is known but was wondering if it happens for everyone.

2. Also I have been to the above area about 4 or 5 times. The first time ever I was wandering around near the Temple area before it drops down into the Bowl area and I went LD. I had not attacked anything or been attacked by anything. I log back in and I am in reclaim at garden

3. Also after attacking a Whirling rock. I pull it away from others. However if it hits me, it will stop and never move from the spot where it hit me at.

Was wondering if anyone has had these issues.


Yes all three, of course.

1. You need to unequip your scuba gear before to zone in adonis. Or re-zone twice unequiped.

2. Happens sometimes when you zone with low HP. Or you lag too long during the zoning. On SL, you take damages when zoning. The zoning in pandemonium very often kills you.

3. Yes, a common issue with massive mobs and curved landscapes. Hecklers in inferno, adonis and even penumbra have this problem. The whirlin' rocks aswell. Some are stuck at an invisible line. Beware, that does not prevent them to hit you from the distance.

I would add there is a more critical issue in Inferno.
4. If you have a bad ping, the mobs tend to run faster than you and you cant lose them with 2K run speed. They hit you all the way from a very long distance. They warp 30 meters in front of you, and seem to run toward you, but it cant be, cause you woke them up 200 meters behind and you ran all the time. This issue is a complete desynchronization between our clients and the server, and also a complete lack of checks server-side. The mobs shouldnt be everywhere at the same time nor warp. It's contrary to their logical. The mobs walk or run, they dont warp. Atleast those ones.

If you have a very good ping, and if the game is smooth, you will not notice this bug. I dunno if this is real, but the last time an event occured in Old Athen, the population grown so much, OA crashed. And during all that period, Inferno had a very bad ping. I know the servers are not connected. But i think there is an issue with the global bandwidth allowed to the other servers when one is overcrowded or in trouble.

AO doesnt manage our position like in RPG games. There is no predictive calculations on our courses. If we lag, we prevent a packet to reach the server. The server assumes we never moved.
The first negative effect is, we are slower to go from A to B.
If a mob see us, it will keep a Line of Sight on us forever, because we are unable to move fast enough to lose the LoS. Doing so, it will run faster than normal to hit. Even worse, it will retrieve us. It's not rare to find some unredeemed mobs from Mordeth castle at Inferno Frontier.

Note than when you lag, you are not obligatory affected by a rubber-banding effect. This effect is due to the client forcing you to reposition on coordinates it judges to be legal. But the server can have different coordinates. It's why, sometimes, you're hit by a mob you see very far.
It's not wrong, you're really close to it, but the client is wrong and show you a bad position in the 3D world.


I just want to post a quick note about the last explanation by Doxgalaad.
It's a good post, but there is one error in it.

About the warping issues, where your ping is low and hecklers warp around.

This has nothing to do with you stopping, or something like that.
When you run, you press a key. Your packet is sent to the server saying that you want to move into that direction.

When you want to stop moving, you let the key go. A packet is sent to the server saying that you stopped. You DO NOT stop if you lag or LD, the server will continue to replicate your movement until it recieved the "keyup" packet.

This is why you see people run into walls sometimes before they LD. This is a very wide and known procedure to replicate calls on the server, and is used in many FPS's. The reason to using this method is to save bandwidth between the client and the server.

Also, Sheffy (one of the higher lvl docs on RK1) works for the company that supplies Funcom with their bandwidth. He stated that AO has got alot of surplus bandwidth and when something is lagging, it's not the case of a filled pipeline.

I believe this is true. It merely has to do with how the client works (highly unoptimized) and that the server just can't handle the load.

And who knows, Pen and OA might share the same server? If so, then the crash and lagging would be logical. A few servers do share 3-4 zones. We've seen that in tower wars, for instance.