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Pistol Question

Started by Vicor, May 12, 2004, 07:25:25 am

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for some Reason my browser won't let me on the AO forums at the anarchyonline site and i don't know if this is SL or not so i thought i might bring my question here

Where do i find this itemhttp://www.aodb.info/showitem.asp?AOID=208101

Please i need to know its like the intermediate pistol i've seen


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Version 14.9, it's not SL related.



I'm a keen pistol user myself, and I must admit I haven't seen one of those in-game.

I wonder if it is a Trade Skill process since it carries the [NODROP] tag ?

There is a very similar looking weapon called a Flux Pistol, but you probably already know this.

Alot of the items though don't make it to live, Im still waiting for my Ancient Adventurer Sword to drop :D


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