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Can RK2 get a Tchu raid going soon?

Started by Drimplur, March 31, 2004, 11:03:07 pm

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Well i have my parts for the boots as do several others, but seeing as the bulk of people have got to inferno, Tchu raids dont seem to be popping up like they were doing 2/3 weeks back.

I dont have the contacts to set up a raid of this size by myself, but i was hoping that people who view this site could see about setting one up for all those people who need the boots.

Obviously im willing to help with the setup in any way i can so... if you, or your org, or mates want to do a Tchu raid could you please pm me/post on here as to at what time it would be kicking off. You would be doing me and a few other people a big help.

thanks,  Drimplur