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Important note about spawning Tchu

Started by herodotus2, March 24, 2004, 11:31:28 am

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The 'charm method' still requires that the hellion fanatics be killed in order for the spawn to work properly the next time.

Charming is exploiting a bug in the system FC implemented to do their charm cycles that clears out the mob's NCU.

Once this is gone it will spawn the next mob in the chain, but won't work again. The mob needs to be killed for it to reset.

This is the same reason that dogs and sharks could be killed (when we still had to do the quest) and not spawn the rest of the cycle.

People have noted several Tchu spawns (and Galahad spawns) go badly because people don't understand this simple but very important fact.

- Ladyloss, 22nd March