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INFO : How to make a Novictalized Crystal / POCKETBOSS

Started by Evilmojo, September 26, 2003, 01:34:48 am

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I'll throw in a quick link to my pokemon-thread on MP-forum, a few extra pointers there :)
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Ok I'm confused now can anyone confirm what the actual QFT and NP needed is? Looking here on Anarchy-Arcanum it says QFT needs to be 6x the PB. Looking here on AOVault.com it says QFT needs to be 4x. Looking here on the thread linked off of the official forums it says it QFT needs to be 4.5x.

Would someone mind confirming what it actually is?

Also what is the NP needed? Most of those guides say 7.5 but if there's this much of a difference in ideas on what the QFT req is I'd like to hear it from someone who has recently done it just to make sure.

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