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how do i get a permament grden key ?

Started by metheuser, February 17, 2004, 07:53:48 pm

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i need to know how exactly do i get a permament grden key.

also, do i need a new key for each garden ? or is it for all of em ? i should add here i am specifically looking for teh redeemed garden keys.

i am a returnign player, lvl 190, but completely new to Shadowlands, so i would liek to go get as much stuff and progress as far as possible by myself before asking others ingame for help.



Well personally from me, this is what I would try and achieve:

1) Get a permanent Garden key for Adonis. [See Here]

Adonis is where many <= LVL 200 players now group and get XP. XP from Hecklers will get you level 200 in no time.

To get to Adonis you will need to work your way through the Shadowlands Playfields by talking to Ergo ( generally at the far North of every zone ) to get a ring and item to progress to the next zone.

Once you get to Adonis, get the permanent key, and save. Then start XP'ing

Once you reach level 200

2) Next part, faction, get as much as you can after you reach level 200. Faction is what governs your Shadow Knowledge ( SK, compare it to XP if you like ), SK is what you need to level after 200. Many people skip getting faction until they can get to Inferno. To get to Inferno you will need to complete the following quests Quest 1, Quest 2. Once in Inferno you can, with some patience, get upto 45k faction quite easily, but I wouldn't recommend doing this until after level 200.

In between levelling work on your Tier armour.

Hopefully you should find walkthroughs for everything on this forum. The forum is split into the various playfields with missions / quests specific to each playfield included in each.

Hope this helps ?

All the best.


i see so i shouldnt botehr with them until i can get adonis ?