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Juwelry in the Shadowlands

Started by Nalea, February 12, 2004, 02:25:05 pm

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I have made an overview about the stones and pearls you can find in the shadowlands and which stats they have. Using perfectly cut materials oder platin/gold/silver filigre rings changes the Points you'll be given.

Sry for my bad english ;) The site is in german but the overview should be understandably for each language ^.^



Huh! never knew that :D Thx.

Good for buffing base abilities :D


Another link for them.  Not sure where I got it, think it was the official boards:


Note that the rings have no weild requirements.  Until 15.3.3 they disappeared when you equipped them, making you unable to IPR.  The problem has been fixed to my understanding, but one may need to be prepared to /petition.


just 4 info, they do not have any requs ... so maybe nice for lowlvl twinkin-towerpvp-rul0r0rs :p
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Yeah, but where you going to get your hands on ql 400 silver/gold/platinum?  Meltable ingots only go to ql 250.  Until you can melt down Heckler ingots the best you'll get is around ql 275.  Not to mention the skill required ...

Though yes, even low level they are convenient.


With the best metal (platinum) and perfectly cut gems of ql 250 you get a +7 boost to base abilities or nanos...

Theres alot better rings out there ...

IT may be good for an alt but the waste of time to hunt the stuff down and build it.. it better be to do one hell of a tweaking !


Hi all, i was just wondering if theres anychance on some new links for this topic. Im after a few SL stones and the links above didnt work for me. If not i'd appreciate it if someone could tell me where the Aquamarine stones Drop and the ones for a stamina ring. If there is one.

Thanks Nandro