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QUEST : Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer ( Boots )

Started by herodotus2, September 23, 2003, 02:31:59 pm

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SL to me seems like very cooperative compared to the "strugle" we have on RK. On RK you could go to a omni and ask for a buff and he go like "Wtf , no way clanner"
Then you get into SL and you can practicly ask any omni neutral or clan you stumble uppon and ask for their specific buff by either side. Perhaps because we have to work together to get things done cause the monsters require the weapons and armor  planned for SL that noone yet has been able to get their hands on so we do it together in force.

*gasps* a unity !?!?! omgomg the roleplay >_<

PS: yes, i like it that we work together now. ALot easier to get things done in what already is a major timesink of a game if you wanna get on in the game


anyone know the spawn time of the original hellion imp?
edit: nm found out it was 3 hours.


Quote from: "Roedran"
Then talk to the Malah Filio, and she gives you a talisman which
you must give to the other witches to enhance it. Follow the order
of which witch gets the talisman in what order.

She'll also ask for a note from the Milliner about the boots.

This is where it went wrong now last time, I suggest no one stays in the circle in the middle of the crater. Dont talk to her , dont even talk in vicinty.


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I read this whole thread, and something was left out I cant figure out.
Where is Milliner?


Quote from: "Herodotus2"Once you have all the items head back to Milliner, and begin the elaborate chat all over again. Finally he will give you a Illegible scribbles in some strange language.

Milliner can be located in Adonis, co-ords were posted in an earlier thread [HERE]

But for quick reference here's a piccie


Heard a rumor bout someone saying 1 person had to have all mirrors, did tchu now, with 3 different ppl holding mirrors.


Who hard are the imps killed. Can a 206 Adv do the spawn?

I if it is not that hard, we coud do more than 1 raid every week here on Rimor.

Hope that I will be able to spawn the mofo just for fun :-) :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted:
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Besides sided archic dungeon, Amulet of Algid Amber also drops off boss of certain static dungeons. I just got it from the final boss of the static dungeon SE of the East Incarnator lvl 215 in Pen.

Looting it from boss mob in static dungeon is better in that the static dungeon lags less than sided dungeon. Therefore, it's easily blitzable to boss, while it takes a long time to finish the high HP boss. FYI.