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QUEST : Inferno (+7 ring) Omni-Tek Walkthrough

Started by Salashan, February 04, 2004, 04:55:30 am

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Here is a walk-through for the Omni players.

**NOTE: Since patch 15.4 you can now skip steps 1-4. Farm 6 x Insignia of Cama. Give Ardent Gulu Van the 6 insignias in lieu of the sealed instructions. An Empath will spawn, and Redeemed Cama will spawn after that.**

1. Head to the Adonis Catacombs, and with a raid team, farm "A Page From The Yomi Grimoire" off of the Yomi Grimoire and the other boss mobs in that dungeon.

2. Once you have a page give it to 'Hypnagogic Ixi-Lum Van' in the Penumbra north east Unredeemed temple. He will give you the Book of insignificant rituals.

3. Talk to Prophet Urga Van and give the book of insignifcant rituals to him, and he will spawn Vanya. Note that Vanya spawns in the 75% room, so be carefull if there are Clanners around. Unredeemed Vanya gives awesome faction for the Clanners and they won't think twice about killing it.

4. Talk to Vanya, she then gives you the "Sealed instructions to Ardent Gulu Van".

5. Head to the Redeemed Temple in NW Penumbra and kill the Ecclisiast. The Ecclisiast will drop 'Sacred Blueprint of Cama' (100% drop), you need to loot this item. Killing the Ecclisiast will also spawn Ardent Gulu Van.

6. Give him the 'Sacred Blueprint of Cama' and the 'Sealed instructions to Ardent Gulu Van'.

7. He now spawns the Redeemed Cama.

8. Kill the Redeemed Cama, and loot "Cama's Beating Heart". You now have 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the quest before you have to do it all over again.

9. Go talk to Prophet Nar Van again. Tell him you need to see Vanya because you have something to give her. Show him the heart. He now spawns Vanya in the 75% room.

10. Talk to Vanya and give her the heart. She will give you the Blueptrint Pattern of 'The Great Ice Golem'. Make this pattern up the same way you would any other pocket boss.

11. He can now be spawned at the Incarnator. When you kill him, he will drop 6 molars. This is enough to get 6 people their +7 Inferno Rings.


As of patch 15.5 you can no longer skip the first steps, but Cama's beating hart is *not* a temporary item. However, as soon as you hand the book of insignificant rituals to Prophet Urga Van you only have 10hrs to complete the missions. Probably enough time, but then again it might not be and then you'd have to start all over. Therefore I'd recommend doing the quest in this order :

1. Head to the Adonis Catacombs, and with a raid team, farm "A Page From The Yomi Grimoire" off of the Yomi Grimoire and the other boss mobs in that dungeon.

2. Kill mobs in penumbra and gather 6 Cama insignias (Silvermares are good for farming insigs), or just join some other Cama raid. Anyway, you need to kill Cama and pick up her beating hart.

3. Go to the unredeemed temple SW in Penumbra and hand "A Page from the Yomi Grimoire" to 'Hypnagogic Ixi-Lum Van' (in the 100% room)

4. Talk to 'Prophet Urga Van' and give him the Book of Insignificant Rituals.
*When you do this Vanya will spawn in the 75% room, so make sure there are no clanners around that'll kill her before you can talk to her*

5. Go talk to Vanya, she'll give you the sealed instructions to Ardent Gulu Van and tell you to go kill Cama before she despawns. You now have 10hrs to return with Camas beating hart.

6. Go back to the 100% room and talk to the Prophet again. Show him Cama's beating hart (wich you got earlier, right? :) ) and he'll spawn Unredeemed Vanya again (in the 75% room)

7. Talk to Unredeemed Vanya, and show her Cama's beating hart as proof that you've killed her. She'll give you the complete pattern of The Great Ice Golem before she despawns.

8. Spawn The Great Ice Golem like any other PocketBoss. Blast it, loot a molar (and let 5 of your buds have the other molars) and go show it to Ergo.

9. You are now free to go burn in hell. And you will unless you get sum bewts.

After doing this you'll also have a spare 'Sealed instructions to Ardent Gulu Van' and 'Sacred blueprint of Cama', wich you might be able to use for spawning another Cama. I haven't confirmed yet wether you need the mission from Vanya to do this or not though.



There is a mistake in the two guides above! DO NOT give ANYTHING to Prophet Nar Van in the RIGHT 100% room, Prophet Urga Van in the LEFT 100% room is who you need to see!!!
I just lost my Book of Insignificant Rituals because of this error. Hopefully an ARK will get back to me in a few weeks and give it back to me :-P


pls do not feel offended, 3 of my guildmates ( lvl 205+) have lost a book in the same way you did, a lot of people dod so. Reading the quest that the NPC give you helps a lot :D
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