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QUEST : Adonis Clan Sanctuary Quest COMPLETED

Started by Evilmojo, September 22, 2003, 06:35:35 pm

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I'm about to summon the Demon for my Sanct key...can anyone else confirm or deny the 100% drop on the item off him?

Oh and for a tip...just hunt the Spirit bosses at ARK 1...they drop upto QL185...possibly higher though I haven't seen it of Subdued Novictum...but usually the pith kind which you need a tool to convert it with. So...happy camping that jerk Yuttos for a week like I did...or I just have really crappy luck. Probably both..


From everything I can tell its 100% drop now.  BTW, if you don't mind "refreshing" the poor little yutto manually.... the camping for a tool isn't that bad.  I only had to "refresh" his inventory about 3 times to get mine.   8)


Woot...got it a-okay thankfully though the pattern isn't no drop anymore like people have said. Only the item the trapped Redeemed gives you is.

And yeah...I should have tried that manual stuff lol...running around to every merchant in Elysium was...tedious..

Just didn't realize I needed another crystal and novictum for the 2nd summon lol...I'm a ditz.


Sanctuary Key Quest

‘Infernal Demon’ pattern drops â€" 100%
Follower Man-Hes Dal 1305 x 810  -- spawn time 25 min
Visionist Lum-Bhotaar Dal 1480 x 849

Subdued Novictum â€" found at sprits â€" just to W of Adonis City.
Drop is VERY rare though â€" about 4 hours to find one ql160+

Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma is location in the garden at 478 x 270



Making Infernal Demon needs 400 nano prog and 160 QFT


I dunno if anyone has posted I didnt see anything but this quest as of the lastest patch does not require you to restart the garden quest to start it over. The visionist in the garden that you get the key from has a interaction line to give ?him/her? the garden key.  Afterwords gave me the mission for the sanctuary key and my garden key back. I have tested this a few times, yes I deleted the mission... and then came up with the following convo to quote for yas.

QuoteDiviner Gil Yeol-Ulma: Ah, I have waited for Gannamed, Welcome.
Gannamede: I have the key to Gilthar's Garden, showing my dedication. Do you require any assistance for anything? <then asks for the key and spawns the sanc quest again>