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October 28, 2021, 01:31:55 am


Started by Revelator, January 31, 2004, 10:40:16 pm

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Lvl 213 Dragon boss in the ruins south of Razors Lair, approx. 2200x1800.

Drops pattern for Ats, ql 220 PB.


killed this guy several times and he dropped a "ats" pattern every time.
also dropped a ql 253 novi


Quote from: "Ataur"Dropped a Overcoat of the Firmament

that is one of the 15.4 items :)

anyone ran into a exact copy of excalibur then?? :)


So we are able to say every Dragon Boss (average level 215) drops the "merlin" armor ?


It is likely. There are 7 pieces of armor and 7 dragons all fairly close together within a small area.  Also dragons have been reported to drop different pieces of armor.


The 250 dragons drop merlin as well
213 keeper on RK2