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Master List Of Inferno Dynas/Pattern Drops

Started by Revelator, January 31, 2004, 12:31:10 am

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Err... obviously not complete at all, please feel free to post additions. Also, list is in no particular order really. I will try to update post as people post information.


Akshk'i ---------------------------- Haqa
Tuq'usk --------------------------- Haqa
Chimera Trainer ----------------- Indomitable Chimera
Chimera Monitor ----------------- Indomitable Chimera
Maychwaham --------------------- Ushqa
Apprentice Beasthandler -------- The Dryad Demigod
Scrupulous Hiathlin -------------- The Dryad Demigod
Bigot Pohihonepael -------------- Arch Bigot Biap
Obsolete Soul Dredge ----------- Arch Bigot Biap
Maychwyawi ---------------------- Lya
Salahpt --------------------------- Ahpta
Atakirh ---------------------------- Ahpta
Ushamaham ---------------------- Ho
Vehement Hiathlin --------------- Agent Of Putrefaction
Rotting Eremite ------------------ Agent Of Putrefaction
Putrid Eremite -------------------- Agent Of Decay
Distracted Snake Tamer -------- Fester Leila
Estella Fire ------------------------ Fester Leila
Beast ------------------------------ Fester Leila
Sanatsimk ------------------------ Waqa
Devoted Spirit Hunter ----------- Captured Spirit
Bigot Nzaemihiel ----------------- Captured Spirit + Exsequiae
Pursued Spirit -------------------- Captured Spirit
Bigot Helozabasael --------------- Exsequiae
Torrid Spirit Hunter -------------- Arch Bigot Lohel
Fanatic Spirit Hunter ------------- Arch Bigot Lohel
Tiunissik's Shadow --------------- Rallies Fete
Hebiel ----------------------------- Agent Of Putrefaction
Noxious Eremite ----------------- The Mortificator
Ahomac --------------------------- Agent Of Putrefaction
Fetid Eremite --------------------- Agent Of Putrefaction
Enkindled Spirit ------------------ Odqan
Conflagrant Spirit ---------------- The Infernal Soul Dredge
Ushap'ing -------------------------- Sashu
Waywaqa -------------------------- Sashu
Limnos ----------------------------- Pazuzu
Syros ------------------------------ Pazuzu
Crete ------------------------------ Pazuzu
Ithaki ------------------------------ Aesma Daeva
Spetses --------------------------- Aesma Daeva
Punctilious Hiathlin --------------- The Dryad Demigod
Tyro Beasthandler --------------- The Dryad Demigod
Malah-Fulcimera ----------------- Ats
Isham ----------------------------- Ats
Pyiininnik ------------------------- Relief Teals
Pyiininnik's Shadow ------------- Relief Teals
Aniitap ---------------------------- Taille Frees
Aniitap's Shadow ---------------- Taille Frees
Steele Filar ----------------------- Lya
Afreet Ellis ------------------------ Lya  
Medusa Philanderer -------------- Lya
Nyama's Drudge ----------------- Nyame
Anansi's Left Hand --------------- Nyame
Anansi's Right Hand ------------- Nyame


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awesome work :D  this list is great resource and looks like you soent alot of time on it.
great job!