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TRADESKILL : Arul Saba Bracelets and How to Make

Started by herodotus2, September 19, 2003, 10:46:16 pm

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i have heard for the 5 slot bracers your looking at 2200+ in skills and you need them simultaneously so most people im talking to are saying 220 engineer only, imagine the first one there to making 5 slot ones charging in the region of 100mil just to make em!!!!




^^ Bump ^^ Added shopping list to the first post to make things easier


Anarchy Online Reference Site  -  Arul Saba Guide

Arul Saba Guide

have fun

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Need 4 slot brace made!!!
I only charge 10 mill per 4 slot brace and 3 slot brace 6 mill and  2 slot Brace Free.
/tell ccfplayer02 :D



Miajong and Phiane can make them on RK2.

Miajong gives a nice clanner discount.


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Quick Q:
The gems are divided into 5 lvls can you only use gems of the same lvl or lower in bracers?? could I make a 2 slot monarch/emperor for example?


Well the guide in Arcanum says that the gems HAVE to be placed in the right order, starting from the lowest and up to the highest you want.

So, u have to always start with the Arbiter gem the monarch then emperor and so on up to Gallactic(if u got 5 slot bracelet)
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And 5 gems bracers can now be processed...by the One, the Unique, the Extraordinaire, the Engimped Vorteks!!  :lol: