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Pocket Boss Thread Tidy Up

Started by herodotus2, January 09, 2004, 06:48:23 pm

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Friregan is doing me ( and everyone ) a massive favour and slowly tidying up the Pocket Boss Threads.

The first post each in thread will have the following format

Name: (Name of Pocket Boss)
QL: (QL of Pocket Boss)
Type: (Heckler, Notum Scrouge, Weird Tree Thing etc... etc.. :D)
Attacks/Nanos: (Does it AOE, does it drain, init. debuff)
Pattern drop location: (Boss and Location of pattern drops)
Reported loot: (Confirmed Symbiant/Loot Drops)

Hopefully this should save people having to trawl through the threads to find what they are looking for. If you get a new or un-reported drop please continue to add it to the thread, and we'll try and update the main post.

All the best, and a big thank you to all for the information that makes this forum work.


Great Job Hero2... Thanks

(need help?)


Always need help, consider yourself a moderator :D