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Bosses or other mobs that drop patterns in Elysium

Started by Implantmaker, January 11, 2004, 03:10:00 pm

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Can u guys plz post some spots in Elysium for bosses or other creatures that drop patterns ? Not wery known here in Elys. Thx in advance  :P


OK. Let me start this then :

Black Fang. Can be found on 4 bosses. The bosses are located at 856x1925, and 934x1799 in Central Elysium


Silver Fang:

Same bosses that mentioned above.


Caterwauling(sp?) minx located 100m south (in the first bend) of Ergo in Ely. can't remember what pattern she/it drops.


She drops the Archbile Queen pattern. and Achbile guardian i think.


As a sidenote Caterwauling Minx is not the only mob near Ergo in Ely that drop Archbile Queen/Guardian patterns... there are lots of named Minx/Imps' there that drop em.

Howling Minx
Caterwauling Minx
Screeching Imp
Disturbed Imp
Cacaphonous Imp ( or something )
+ 2 or 3 more Imps that I can't remember the name of

They are lvl 115ish, but have lots of HP so soloing them at lvl 100ish might not be recommended ;)



Personally i think the minx are bugged, they appear to be level 130ish but have the stats of a QL150+ mob. I already saw a caterwauling minx wiping a whole 100ish team. As a twinked keeper 110, i'm easily wiped by her without any other assistance. Although she is no longer red to me.


hehe... yea well don't know about her being bugged, but she's hella hard I'll agree to that :)

The worst part not being how hard she hits, but rather how much hp she has. Well as I said she is not the only boss there that drops the patterns, and the imps are MUCH easier to kill...


Problem is of course getting to the imps without one of the Minxes spotting you :P