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October 27, 2021, 11:42:32 pm

WTT ql125 Patterns

Started by Tonythesuit, January 10, 2004, 12:15:46 am

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I want to trade the following patterns:


B,C, D Pattern Bellowing Chimera
A, B Pattern Ignis Fatui
A Pattern Ignis Fatuus
B, D Pattern Thunderous Chimera
A Pattern Bhinaji Navi
A Pattern Gunk
A Pattern Auger
A Pattern Satkamear
D Pattern The Scheolian Soul Dredge


C Pattern Thunderous Chimera
A Pattern Bellowing Chimera
C Pattern Ignis Fatuus
D Pattern Beatific Spirit
B, D Pattern Gunk

Post here or /tell tonythesuit if you want to make a deal

Btw, This section is a nice addition to the forums :)


Of a similar vein I'm looking for B patterns of Gunk on RK2.  Leave a message here or /tell rustybolts in-game.  Will swap patterns you need or buy these for 2M+ a piece


I have D Gunk, looking for A . /tell nirwan :) (if you re on RK2 ??)


you on RK1 or 2?
cause I need a Aban Gunk I belive, and I have some other Gunks
Also need bothar Ooze...


I have some patterns of these toooo. Lets do a swapping!

/tell dragonder... BTW on RK1


I wanna trade Gunk.
/tell octopuss