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INFO : Experimentations with Novictum Objects

Started by herodotus2, September 17, 2003, 07:16:15 pm

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Found a "Dangerous Container" in one of the spirit rooms, deep in the dungeons with the Arcahic Engineer droids etc.

You can use a lock-pick on it to release it. It then becomes a "Dangerous Jar" requires B&E

"Dangerous Jar" can then be combined with "Bomb Dis-armament Tool" requires Trap&Disarm


Lifted from AO Forums

"I  went once in the dungeon below the redeemed city in Elysium. On one of the mob, I found a "locked container" or something like that. I was immediately puzzled because this item looks exactly as the Mist of novictum I'm looking for. http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=218477

I kept it and try to open it with a picklock. Success. I don't know the requirement, I'm around 500 in B&E. I obtained a "dangerous jar" http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=225970

As, if we read the description, we know it's trapped, I tried my disarm item. The requirement there is 4.75 per ql, my loot was 112. The "final" (so far) item is a "Tube of dangerous matter" http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=225972

I'm not sure it's related with our novictum quest because the tube comes in various ql, the Mist of novictum (I need) is only found, as we all know now, at ql100. I'm puzzled by this item anyway. Anybody knows, or have an idea, about how to continue this transformation process. I would like to try an ancient Novictum refiner on it but I don't have any. Contact me ingame : Caoineadh.

If there is a few gramatical and spelling mistakes here, my apologies, but english is not my native langage "


Lifted from AO Forums :

"My theory:

1. Camp the Tools yutto and get Ancient Novictum Refiner
2. Use refiner on a piece of raw novictum that drops of spirit mobs to make it a subdued flow of novictum.
3. Use SOMETHING to make it the QL100 Canister of Novictum in the state you need.

Now, 1 and 2 worked out already and it gave us the Subdued Novictum I suspected. Not that item's description saying its a tradeskill item. Tried to click these on it to make it in the state:

Novictum sprangled hide FAILED
Spirit Bauble of <profession type> FAILED
Half-Permanent Chunk of Notum FAILED
Giving the subdued flow of novictum to the IPS person FAILED
All tools buyable from Tools yutto: FAILED
Yellow Glyph of Ocra: FAILED
Empty Canister of Liquid Notum: FAILED

Im open to suggestions by now.. if you tried an item reply here so we dont do all work double."


Idea from Tyborg

"....Drum of Hydrocloric Acid for containing it...." ?


QuoteYou can buy an empty canister in the shop, but noone has been able to fill yet as far as I know.

Dunno where too find that shop....but i trust my friends ;)


try to add some stabilised nanobots... it says that is has " unstable matter"... why not stabilising it ?
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I think this post is a little to late but...........

Try this
1. Canister of Liquid Notum
2. Novictum sprangled hide
3. Spirit Bauble of ..... (whatever)
I did this and got a armor piece.