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Faction caps for normal mobs?

Started by Phelsior, April 29, 2004, 10:53:15 am

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I kinda rushed to Inferno without bothering for many Vanya kills, thinking that normal unredeemed mobs (and bosses) in Inferno would give me faster faction than in Penumbra. umm ... wrong :p

When I tried this, I had about 17k unredeemed faction.

Killing normal unredeemed mobs in the In Temple gave me no faction pts (only Devoted etc).
Killing small bosses (Fortitious etc) in Temple gave me no faction pts.
Killing Prophet, Omega and Lord Mordeth gave good faction pts as expected.

Now I find it curious that the "lesser" Inferno mobs doesnt give any factin pts, as they are more than a challange for me. I've even killed a lesser boss solo (with outside healing) - still no faction.

Anyone know the reason for this and if its intended?


It's intended as stated in the patch notes when the faction caps have been tweaked. For the reason, you need to ask to funcom  :roll:


hmm I realised the same.
I tried to bring my 156 Agent to Adonis and got the "You have too less faction" at the Portal to Scheol.
So I thoungh, cool, I ask for help and kill some Ely Hecklerns. They gave me (having exactly 1 Guardian Faction, as I quitted playing the agent the moment SL came life) 1 FP into Guardian Faction.
I killed 10, FP in my clock was at 11 after that ;)
I moved to Nascence after that and soloed some of those Hecklern. FP started as 12FP, raised up to 209 I think per kill after around 20 kills and started to slow down after that.
I moved to Elysium again and wh00t, Those Hecklers gave FP.

I think there is a min FP needed for several Mobs to gain FP.