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ITEM : The Lighter Side ( Clan - Shadowbreed )

Started by herodotus2, December 06, 2003, 05:29:29 am

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The Lighter side

Looks just like a regular Soul Fragment, but damn!!! on use....

They can be found to drop at the NE Un-Redeemed Temple in Penumbra. At this temple location there are 2 static missions as you approach from the south 'road' entrance. A 'bird' mission to your right, and a lvl 205 mission to your left. Take the left mission. Also a good place for farming high level weapons and spec. 3 and 4 books.

This thing sets your shadowbreed :D

Its Breed specific

e.g. for Atrox, if I have this item and right click on it at the required level I get these additional "perks"

lvl 205 I become Luminous Effect : Screen of Light
lvl 210 Splendent Effect : Shield of Light
lvl 215 Metoric Effect : Fortress of Light

"Walking down a path, choosing what sides. You have found the holy grail! To obtain Shadowbreed phase 1, you need to be atleast Shadowlevel 5. To obtain the second phase you need to be atleast Shadowlevel 10 and to obtain the last one, you need to be atleast Shadowlevel 15. If you try to use this item, and you dont have the needed Shadowlevels you will loose the item forever. So thread carefully friend. Good luck!"


Apparently, Solitus need to relog to the 'old' GUI, upload The Lighter Side twice, to make it appear in the action-window. The icon can then be moved into the hotbar, and you can relog back into the new GUI if you wish.



Atrox one is bugged, and the morph is very dis-appointing :(

I wanted to turn into a cool ghostly Redeemed looking figure. Instead.... a nice puff of smoke and you fade for a split second.

I feel like Paul Daniels the Magician....

O! and the modifiers don't work. So no 2000 NR :(


you feel like paul daniels? what, old, balding, needing a zimmer frame, with debbie mcghee by your side? nice!
*levels to 205*



Well, after looting ANOTHER lighter side and uploading it AGAIN... it works :D

I turn into a redeemed mob and get a silly 2000NR and special attack absorb... yay!


Why would you wanna look like a Redeemed / Unredeemed mob?
Not like they look pretty or anything...  :roll: