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TRADESKILL : Jobe Tier 1 Armour

Started by herodotus2, September 17, 2003, 01:04:59 am

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the Canister of Liquid Novictum easily dropped outside the Quest Temple (for the garden key (clan) ) cant remember there names but the Villiagers the drop rate for the Canisters is good.

The Special Novictum drop rates for this vary South from "East of Elyisum" on the map you will bump into Elyisum Spirit Hunters/soul wanderers they drop them more regulary :)
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Best farming sites are :

Scheol for Novictum. Kill the spirits at the far North of the zone, just before Ergo.

Scheol Catacombs for Embryo's. Make sure you have a strong team

Elysium Catacombs for Visions.

***Catacombs are entered through holes in floor in un-/remeeded temples' spirit rooms.


Either they nerfed the droprate on the Scheol spirits (by Ergo), or it's always been this horrible. I killed 134 spirits (I got 1 SK per kill and lost 134 SK when some f**king moron pulled a train of various demons and friends and killed me) and got a whooping 2 pieces of Plastic Novictum, and I didn't see too many other kinds either.

Hot tip: bring an NT with AoE, cause killing those things the regular way gets really old really fast.


i took Spirit hunters there and i got 1 in ever 2 kills,might have been a bad day then,but i do have some Novictums if anyone needs.atleast i know i have the ones u need Arch =P
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I didn't bother much with spirit hunters since they keep running away and I have no means of preventing them from doing so.

I'll gladly accept any donations of plastic novictum though ;)


Elyisum for the Visions (go into the spirit room take a right and jump in the pool of and kill the walking cannons and things there!) also in Elyisum the bosses drop the Embryo`s but the spawn time is over an hour so go to the same dungeon in Scheol from "the keep" the mobs drop the Embryo`s quit regulary

I suggest to do the  Visions 1st (easy!)
Canister of Pure Liquid Novictum drops of most of the mobs around the Whte Temple in Elyisum. you can only carry one at a time (easy!)

Specific Novicutm most pop place is South of "East of Elyisum" there is a temple full of Elyisum Spirit Hunters and Walking Spirits or Wandering souls they drop the Novictum (easy!)

Embryo`s basically the best place to get them is from the Dungeon in the keep, the drop rate is good but you might need a team to go with you :)
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got my teir one together and i wuff it!

ty much for the great guide ^^


Combining liquid notum with insig also requires 550 complit
Combining the resulting glyph with the armor requires 450 complit.