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TIP: Spec 3 - Kanel

Started by Jynne, December 05, 2003, 05:51:41 pm

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A few friends and I have found that you can get a reasonable droprate on spec 3 books in the underwater temple in adonis.  

Please be responsible and respectful of people who are resetting the dungeon for faction; kill the named mini-guys in the other rooms for the best droprate but other mobs can drop it too.

Like all drops it's very uneven, some people get it in one session others are there for days.  :(

Edit - of note, this can be soloed by most professions at TL6.
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Another AWESOME place for spec 3 is the LVL 205 mission in NE Penumbra.

There are 2 static missions at the Un-Redeemed Temple in the NE.

As you approach from the road, Its the left mission.


I think those two missions in NE are lvl 200-.
But there is also hard mission in NW with unremeeded mobs in it (full lvl 205 custodians). Entrance is in side of building (Little bit East from West incarnator). Mobs there drop book about 1/5. And little bit higher droprate for lvl 205 shadowbreed crystals.


the mobs in that 205 mission by the unred tempel actually dropped a couple of spec 4 books as well :)


and noone told me about the underwater drop rate last night...argh! oh well, guess I need the crystal first =(


That mentioned dungeon in NE of Penumbra, where is it exactly ?

Yesterday i was searching about 2 hours to find it.

I went east from the incanator into the pipe, then entered the pipe, and last i left the pipe on the other side. Didn't found the dungeon.

Can anybody post further information about that location plz ?`


well another easy way to get spec 3 :)

Adonis East redeemed temple. Kill the named mobs, go out 20 mins for reset, kill the mobs. rinse and repeat :)

got my mine fairly quick, maybe 1.5 hour?
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