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Lord of the Void

Started by CruisefiX, December 05, 2003, 01:54:54 pm

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it did actually drop something, but its complkete BS =(


And by the way, how have you been able to kill him ? I've seen a full l205+ team just raised by the Lord of the Void, so ? any tips ? 2 teams ? 2 or 3 Docs and 3 Tankers / DMG dealers ?
Agent, in the shadows of the night.


Mad, it is charmable/calmable easily for a 210+ crat.
With a good team, 210+, LotV can be killed.
It's not easy, but it's fun and need skilled teammates.


Hehe, thanks, when I'll reach this level (and leveling is pretty far in SL, at least to l200, later .. let's see) I'll keep looking for such a team ;)
Agent, in the shadows of the night.


Wheres Lord of the Void located?
Crathros01 - Level 130 Bureaucrat


Zone into Nascense wilds from the frontier.

Run down the slope towards the bridge that leads to the Yuttos camp. Before you cross the bridge follow the edge of the world off to the right.. The lord should be flapping merrily away on an island out in the void somewhat.


Clanner can die instantly if they step out by the "Nascense Wild" garden statue. LotV is patrolling there, and the statue is too close from its patrolling path. Happened to me twice. Then i prefer to exit from the second "Nascense Wilds" garden statue, a bit more West from there.


I also died from using the /stuck command when I fell in a piece of geometry, and teleported right under his feet...