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QUEST : Metawater Repellent Spiritech Suit ( Scuba Gear )

Started by herodotus2, September 16, 2003, 12:31:32 am

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excellent. too bad the parts needed are on the other side of the 50 dot water with aggro green mobs and oh btw the suit is nodrop now so you cant trade it.  :evil:


Excellent :) Thanks to the world map position I was able to find it pretty easily :) (the yuttos)
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got my scuba suit today. too bad i gotta chase down enfs for essence to get my lnta back on :) oh well better then dying in the water still



question: I got the scuba for free from scheol egro, is this a different scuba?


same suit

This thread is from when you actually had to do the quest for the suit instead of just talking to Ergo and him giving you it like he does now

It's the same for the glasses for Penumbra now.
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so before FC expected you to go through that water tunnel at adonis entrance w/o scuba? since the dogs is in adonis and there are no other way that i know of to get there (except for mp warp). Also givig WW egro adonis ring only get you to ely yutto. I tried this a few times.


yep you had to go through the pool without your suit taking all the fun damage and I'm almost certain at the time the run speed used to be slower and the Dot higher.
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Dot was the same, but yes it was before they made a lower run speed debuff.  It wasn't all that hard to get through though.  But killing the doggies was tough.  :)


And don´t forget the Zoning Bug, where you had to try several times till you really zoned. Most time you were back in the Garden in Scheol and had to run again ;)


You get this free now from Ergo in scheol as he gives you the ring.
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