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QUEST : Scheol Clan Garden Key ( Perma - Key ) COMPLETED

Started by herodotus2, October 02, 2003, 12:48:59 am

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QuotePattern + crystal filled by the source then Novi, all ready. Ran to the incarnator, had to use the 160 as 2 200+ omnis seemed to be having trouble killing off Misery at the 140.
I think I saw them later on. Was a laugh though, seeing them struggle with a QL 125 PB *S*
QuoteOnce you get the fabric bit and go back to the garden to hand it in it seems you jump into the sanc key quest dialog rather fast, not really sure I want to do it but hey I might. My alt has her garden key now in any case so that's something good out of a long night :)
Well, the sanctuary quest requires another 2 full patterns, which might be a bit much to ask for so quickly after the garden quest. Especially considering the poor drop rate of the patterns amongst unred mobs, which makes it tough for clanners who don't want to lose all their faction... Still, keep up the good work, you've made it this far, don't give up!


don't believe the stuff about NOT LOSING Faction Points,  I just tried it and i only killed two by the gate

You gained faction with The Followers of the Temple: 52 faction points.
You gained faction with The Unredeemed: 36 faction points.
You lost faction with The Devoted: 124 faction points.
You lost faction with The Redeemed: 115 faction points.

would be OK if i were omni


I just killed everything outside, and damn near everything inside the Temple Bog.   Not one pattern piece dropped. 

Is there a better place to hunt?  Also, I seem to remember the pieces dropping off Ado unredeemed mobs ... but it's been a while.  Or am I crazy?


I got a much better pattern drop at the unredeemed tempel after I got the quest.

Before quest: 1 pattern in 2h
After quest:  1 pattern every ~7-8 mobs