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QUEST : Adonis -> Penumbra ( + 4 ) Ring

Started by herodotus2, September 15, 2003, 12:26:45 am

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Also been doing this quest with my alt. same as Smashing Young Man - following her around  :wink:

Couple of things:

The big headache for me has been the Dr. Pons & Dr. Fleishman dungeon. I have been back and forth to Ergo twice now to get a new copy of the Instructions for Dr. Pons because the golems are just not dropping the dust. Now, had I been smart I would have gotten a few of these notes while I was talking to Ergo the first time - the reason I didn't was that I thought the dust would drop from every golem and also because I thought the note was unique (which it isn't). From spawning golems twice I have now got 2 dust canisters and still need one more, so now I'm back at Ergo stacking up on notes for Dr. Pons  :roll:


On a side note, I have done this quest twice now, the first time, I used the curse and took out the watcher. Also, the first time, I found Weird Looking Continuous Reconstruction in a chest :O.

Yes.. but the second time I said I couldn't be arsed to get the curse, so I didn't use it and took out the watcher. Cleared all the chests again and there happened to be one locked chest, nothing in the others. I'll bet a good 100mil that a weird looking nano was in there ;). Oh, as for the watcher without the curse....Yes he hurts, up to 6.3k crits and 4k normal hits, decently fast even with UBT.