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INFO : Guide to Penumbra

Started by herodotus2, November 12, 2003, 12:58:28 pm

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You've finally made it into Penumbra, you've survived the Dusty Golems, the Insurance Reclaim inducing Parasites, you've killed Slithers, Leets, and lasted immeasureable hours of camping.

So what now ?

Well as always, rule numero uno on entering a new zone, do the garden quests ASAP. Nothing worse than having to farm insignia's so you can save, or make that long walk underwater from Adonis to Penumbra again. Unfortunately, as a clanner, you still have to farm insignia's. Time and patches will eventually fix our quest.

Penumbra, finally, an opportunity to bask in the sunlight and absorb the heat reflected from the snow, marvel at your breath as oxygen is crystalised in its cold grasp. A land rich with green NPC's. Shadowknowledge at last. You kill your first green mob, 6 SK. w00t!?

A quick check of your faction standing and you realise the 8 - 10k faction you have just isn't going to cut it.

So head to the NE Un-redeemed, or NW redeemed ( depending on your faction standing ) and into the prophet room and go kill yourself a prophet or 2, or 3, or 4, 5, 6, zzZZ zzzZZZ eventually, with bags under your eyes, you'll emerge from that pit of darkness, and depending on Stamina will have up'd your faction to 15 or 16k. Right, you smack your hands together, rub them with joy and think to yourself, "It's pwner time!" Being careful to avoid Hecklers still, like a dog with bad breath, you seak out an easy kill. 18 SK, ah! that's better.

Welcome to SK 'ing. The art of camping hecklers. Being pounded by several hundred wait of rock and marvelling at how fast your hp bar drops. Awesome 50 SK, only another 1599 hecklers to go. :(

Once you think your on a roll, you will then be confronted by the unfortunate pull with add(s) x multiple x OMFG !!! run !!! Welcome to the marvel of the SK pool.

TIP : Dunno' about anyone else, but I get 1k of SK and deliberately die, then go find myself a crat' get Insurance Perk, and Baton, and whahooo...

Nearly 300 SK p/heckler for the next 100 - 200 hecklers... damn Im in heaven. Admittedly 21k faction helps, but even with 16k faction you can marvel at 120 a kill whilst your mates suffer with 50.

Bored of SK already, really ? well....

Next you have the quests to get to the next zone. Inferno boots, should be pretty simple, collect a few more items, give them to Milliner. Read down the guide, yup! kill some more slithers not a problem, hummh! Penumbra Archaic Dungeons, ooo k! , hummh! lvl 300 Placeholder.... riigggght!

Did I just read that right ?

OK, a quick stab of the browser back button, lets look at the Ring quest. One Ice Golem Molar... ah! cake walk, no problem. Right how'd I get to see this Ice Golem.... hummh! more Arachaic Dungeons, this time in Adonis, OK can't be that bad. You assemble an eager team of 6 or 7 friends, thinking you'll zone down, and show those NPC's your new perk moves. Bio Cocoon, awesome !! hummh! OK it just run out and there is... oooo!!!... 75% HP left.... o! bollox.


Think I'll go back to solo 'ing hecklers in Elysium and earn another 30 million.

Despite the negative image this portrays, these things are possible.

Being honest I would do the following in this order:

1) Garden Key, if your Omni
2) Farm faction, bleed it dry, get as much as you can
3) Get some Shadowlevels, I know its boring, but its like Real Mean missions at lvl 180. Damn hard! but once you get some levels they go quicker and easier
4) Once you've got some levels head to the Adonis Catacombs get some more SK, get some parts to spawn the Ice Golem.
5) Kill the Ice Golem, and get a peak at Inferno, marvel at that dot, and then let your heart sink a little knowing you gotta' go through hell to get some boots.
6) Get some more Shadowlevels
7) Get the rest of the Inferno boots pieces and kick ass in Inferno


Shouldn't 7 sound more like
7) Get the rest of the Inferno boots pieces and get your ass kicked in Inferno


Quote from: "delerium"Shouldn't 7 sound more like
7) Get the rest of the Inferno boots pieces and get your ass kicked in Inferno

lol yes :)


I would like to explore there a little bit, would a 155 MP be o.k. or would I get slaughtered.
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BOLB General.
155 MP.


In Penumbra or Inferno ?

MP's are pretty nails when it comes to solo 'ability. Heal pets and attack pets make MP work that little bit safer.

Penumbra consists of lvl 180 - 200 Shadowland NPC's and 220 Hecklers, Slithers and Notum Scrouge's.

Providing you stay away from the brink's ( where all the nasty mofo's tend to hang out ) you should be OK. You 'might' be able to solo some of the 180 - 200 mobs. If your getting eaten alive on Rubi-Ka with lvl 180 mobs then forget it :(

Inferno ? hummh! different ball game, BUT it is possible. I've seen some pretty low level toons up at the Inferno Temple's farming faction. I am ever amazed at the lower and lower these toons are in level everytime I'm up that way. I think the lowest I've seen so far is lvl 160-ish.

With a good escort making your way through Inferno shouldn't be a problem. Solo'ing might be a tad' tricky though.

Nic Storm

This may sound daft but I have the Ice Golem molar and the lava protection boots. So what do I need to do now?


Talk to Ergo, and if you say the correct things (as always) you will get the chance to tell Ergo that you have the molar. Give it to him, and you get your Sanguine Ring for Inferno access. Make sure you are wearing your boots when you use the portal.