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Ql 210+ Novictum

Started by Snowbunneh, November 09, 2003, 05:38:57 pm

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200m :shock:
hehe, I have been selling them for 40m for a long time now on RK2.


No luck on Novictum yet :( i heared it drops in peumbra alot but no1 that got acess to inferno wants to help. so i dont know if i ever will get it, unless they fix the drop rate in the next upcoming patch
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Well I got 210 novictum once I needed it.. my suggestion to you is to get an orgthing going where 6 members lacking gets a ring each.. thats how it worked for me.

If you got the blueprint I'd think it rather strange if the higher ups in your org wasnt willing to spend 1 hour or less in inferno getting that novictum for 6 other members
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