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QUEST : Penumbra Omni Sanctuary Quest IN-PROGRESS

Started by Friregan, October 17, 2003, 02:32:17 pm

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Evilmojo apparently people on RK3 were able to get in.  Required GM help, but they say that Biazu is there..... ./me wants badly :D   Couple of our new useless damage debuffs as well.


I wonder if any of the new Engineer bots are available in the Pen Sanct... Only one can hope.. =P
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mob #2 - the watcher. any tips where in the village to find him?

edit: found him - all the way W 1042x192

mob #3 - chimera cranii - marked  NE of statue at 2373 x 1198


anyone know if the quest can be finished now after patch?


Quote from: "Xyboc"I wonder if any of the new Engineer bots are available in the Pen Sanct... Only one can hope.. =P

Don't think so I'm afraid.  If I had to guess they will be in Inferno sanc.  :(


I did the sanctuary quest today. At level 211 up to the 9th kill it was fairly easy since i wouldnt get adds (grey mobs). Killing the ecclesiast is not really difficult and this is the problem...He is so camped that he dies before the mission gets updated. I had to kill him 3 times (3 hours camping because of people getting in and out without caring about respawns) before the mission finally updated to "kill redeemed Leader Step 11 of 12"

An ark was present when we killed the 3rd ecclesiast. I asked him to spawn the eleventh leader Empath Alyssa, since it is a known fact some arks did spawn him several times, even on Rubi Ka. He refused to spawn him, saying it would be fixed in 15.4.

So i m just like the majority of unprivileged players that couldnt get Alyssa spawned, stuck on 11th mob and i might have to rekill all mobs since the mission is time limited. Let s hope by 15.4, some people will still need to kill cama to get faction. :(


Finally this quest can be finished after 15.4. As we have suspected the last mob we should kill is redeemed Cama, and now it's possible to spawn Empath Alyssa+Redeemed Cama with just 6 Cama insignias. Was lucky to form one team there and killed both :D

What is even better is we no longer need that Yomi Grimoire page to spawn Cama - it just spawnd right after we kill Empath Alyssa.
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Typed all the info up as one text for easier reference, figured I might as well post it here:

To start this quest, speak to Garboil Roch Van. He is in the Penumbra Garden, in the middle of the maze to the north.

Part one: Calibrate stuff!
The Garboil will give you a mission, and a Calibration Tuner. The mission has coords, so it's a smooth ride. Upload the coords to the map, enter the mission and find a large machine. Use your Tuner on the machine, and wait for a mission update. Run out, and repeat the process 7 times. Usually all the missions point to the same location, and the machine is almost always in the same room, so it's a piece of cake.

Part two: Kill Redeemed leaders!
This one is a bit trickier, you have to kill twelwe redeemed leaders. Some are pretty hard to reach because of the adds (no problem after lvl 203 (202?), adds turn grey around then), so you might want to bring backup.

The leaders:
1. Hiisian Steed - Tainted
  Coords: 790x1290 (West)

2. Watcher Cama Mara-Thar - Leader
  Coords: 1045x180 (West) - SW Redeemed village, lots of adds.

3. Chimera Cranii - Marked
  (East) - Northeast of the Penumbra Fortress Statue.

4. Devoted Gil Wei-Wei
  (Adonis) - Upstairs in the redeemed temple.

5. Devoted Cama Zean-Mara
  (West) The Redeemed village in the cave to the north-west (where the corpse-sucker was, only further in). Hard to reach, tons of adds.

6. Watcher ... something
  (West) Northwest Redeemed temple, behind the stairs in the second room.

7. Len Wu
  (West) Southwest Redeemed village, tons of them there, pick one :)

8. Sipius Cama Ilad-Lux
  (West) Southwest Redeemed village

9. Watcher something
  (West) Northwest Redeemed temple, on the top of the stairs.

10-12. Venerable Ecclesiast, Empath Alyssa, Redeemed Cama
  (West) Northwest Redeemed temple. Kill the Ecclesiast, give the shady guy 6 Cama Insignias. He will spawn the Empath. Kill the Empath, Redeemed Cama will spawn. Kill Cama, and you have the key.


6. Watcher Cama Gil-San

9. Watcher Cama Hume-Ulma

I think that is all that was missing in Megabob´s excellent guide.