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QUEST: Elysium Omni Sanctuary Quest - COMPLETED

Started by Friregan, November 07, 2003, 04:16:38 pm

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Simply, post 15.2 patch, redo garden quest the run directly back to Nar Shere in Nero and talk about Yuan Chi to get the quest triggered, then kill same mobs in same order that were tagged in second part of Garden part. No need to list locations again.  Important tho, that you go directly to Nar Shere without any other conversations taking place, if you don't the quest may not trigger, and being stuck again doing garden part again.


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Beginning this guide I'll assume you're in the Elysium Shere garden.  Exit to Nero and head south along the rock wall cliff.  You'll see a ramp in the temple area, go up it and you'll find Prophet Nar Shere (coords 922, 397) at the top.  Talk to him and select the first option "I spoke to Garboil Chi Shere and he mentioned someone called Yuan Chi?"  Continue the conversation till you get the quest.  Your first mission is to kill the Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar.

NOTE: It really helps to upload the mission's coords to the map so you can find where to go more easily after each kill.

Mob #1-3 to kill: 540, 1778
Go back into the garden and exit out of the garden at The Jagged Coast and go northwest to the Redeemed temple grounds, you will see them in the distance.  Enter into the white "hut" just inside the temple grounds and you'll find the Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar and his friends inside at coords 540, 1778 approximately.  Kill the Watcher and your mission will update for what your next target is.  Next kill Sipius Enel Lux-Mara and Devoted Enel Ilad-Ulma, both are in the same hut you already are in.

Mob #4-7 to kill: 873, 1226
Your mission updates after the 3rd mob is killed and you go to kill Watcher Enel Hume-Yeol who is at the southwest temple.  Head back to the garden and exit to Spade and head northwest around the mountain then head north to coords 873, 1226.  Kill Enel Hume-yeol, Sipius Enel Gil-Gil, Diviner Enel Thar-Thar, and Devoted Enel Cama-Lux who are all near each other in the same area.

Mob #8 to kill: 760, 936
Head back to the garden and exit to Shunpike and kill Watcher Enel Mara-Cama which usually wanders on the bridge at 760, 936.

Mob #9 to kill: 819, 824
Next kill Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad who is slightly southeast at coords 819, 824.  Loot the Briefing item (which is NODROP UNIQUE) and head back to the garden, then to Nero, then talk to Prophet Nar Shere.

Talk to the prophet and select option: "I completed my assignment and I am concerned, Prophet."  Continue the conversation about the Briefing item you looted and the Prophet will ask to see it.  You'll be rewarded for your efforts with "The Key to Shere's Sanctuary".


Would just like to add, fearing this might be obvious to everyone already, it wasnt for me. You have to wait for the 2nd Wather to: glance about nervously, before you can attack them. I thought the quest was borked and was about to leave, until that happened, then I was able to kill him. Maybe like that for the rest, I dont know, I never had to wait for the others.

Just FYI for anyone else.


Yes, it is true for all Redeemed/Unredeemed that have any part in a quest.