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UNIQUE : Abominus

Started by herodotus2, October 15, 2003, 10:10:10 am

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Whilst out collecting ignots I stumbled across this dungeon in Ely. Quite an eery place. If your afraid of the dark, stay well away :D

First you'll need to head to the brink in NE Elysium

Once there you should be able to get onto the island marked with the red circle and you'll then need to battle your way through some Varacious Horror's and groups of Hecklers to get to the temple.

Once inside fight your way through Spirits and Haothlins until you make it to the boss room, and then say hello to Abominus

He drops 3 Aura Saba gems.


Just another default static dungeon I think.


What's respawn time on bosses?


I think it is 15 minutes... I usually log out for 16,5 minute just to be sure


What lvl is this guy? or did u not even look at it.... just want to know if it's soloable for me


Didn't make a not of the level :(

I was level 205 when I did that screenie, and he was pretty easy for me. ( Adventurer ).

Don't know if you can use that as a guage ?


Its level is different considering the dungeon you choose.
My keeper 112 was unable to kill this one alone. But that was close.
Two ppl can kill it.
To have an idea i have a 160 Sword Staff and maxed melee init.
If like me you're used to solo level 120 normal mobs, you should be very close to kill Abominus there.


Is he in "sided" in any way like many of the other mobs that drop Arul parts?
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Boss is easily killable solo by a lvl 120 agent. it was grey to me and its not sided. 3 gems droped


Not to appear daft or anything, but what are the gems used for?