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The Story / Philip Ross's announcement day before AI
September 01, 2004, 02:57:21 pm
For those who missed it, a Philip Ross hologram gave the following message in Old Athens, Rome and Newland:

A message flashes up in your NCU with a middle aged gentleman, you recognise him as Philip Ross
Philip Ross: Good evening fellow inhabitants of Rubi-Ka.
Philip Ross: I come to you this evening with grave news.
Philip Ross: A hostile enemy force from a race we have not yet encountered has arrived in near planet orbit.
Philip Ross: They have NOT come in peace and mean to take our homes away from us through violent means.
Philip Ross: Omni-Tek has been aware of this pending invasion for some time and we have been taking steps to prepare for the defense of the planet.
Philip Ross: This message was triggered to auto run if any of these enemy ships breach our outer planetary security defenses, as I could not keep the population ignorant of this danger.
Philip Ross: It is with a sad heart that I find myself off planet speaking to the Board of Directors on Omni Prime about the continuing defense of this planet we all call home.
Philip Ross: But my friends, we shall be strong and def...
Static fills the air around you as the transmission ends