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Weapons & Armor / Where to find: Hood of Yearning???
February 27, 2005, 09:53:51 pm
Does anyone know where i can find Hood of Yearning? (ql100?) Please let me know if you do, also if you have it and youre on rk1 please send Koibitokoi a tell, Ill pay around 300k for it, thanks!  :D
How do I get axp? (AI xp) I know you need to find a Alien mothership, or so someone told me but how? and is there another place? (that i can walk to lol  :?: )   :cry: i want some of those perks hehe so if anyone could tell me some more about ai exp and how to get it etc i would be very grateful  :)  So please  :cry: help this poor demented soul hehe