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Chat and OCC / New Boss Room on Alien Ships
July 18, 2005, 10:56:40 pm
Got to see this new Recruiter boss for the first time over the weekend. Unfortunately, we had our level 50-60 alts out for the raid, and one of our fixers pulled a Leroy Jenkins & got most of us killed.

I was dual-logged with my lil doctor & MP, and was able to escape to the lower level. I managed to zone back up a few times to try out a few things, but eventually got killed.

My observations were these:

1) there's a pilot-type mob inthe middle of the room (named different, but similar in function). We killed him quickly, as we would have the regular pilot.

2) the room was full of coccoons, which we could not attack

3) the northern most area had a Recruiter general-type mob (this is where our fixer went gung-ho & where most of us died).

it seemed that whenever the recruiter was engaged in combat, that he would spawn some mobs from the coccoons. I was able to reproduce this with my doc & MP, and after waiting a bit below levels, the general would reset to the north end, andI could pull the spawned adds & kil them at the button.

I was never able to make any serious headway against the general, having to abort & drop down once 3 or 4 adds had been spawned.

Can anyone shed some light on the tactics needed to handle this type of boss room?

Are there a finite number of adds that can be spawned, making it a matter of waiting until there's only the Recruiter left?

Is it a matter of killing the recruiter as fast as possible to avoid too many adds spawning? If so, are there any proven tactics for making this go smoothly? (pulling him out into the middle of the coccoons obviously didn't work for us)

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, as I am given to understand that there's a guaranteed Lead Bots drop from this room, and it'd be a shame to squander any future encounters.

Thanks in advance :)
Tradeskills / Anun Membrane Gloves
February 23, 2005, 01:57:16 pm
MRR Shape Soft + Anun Wing = Anun Membrane Gloves

3.5xQL in ME required.
Tradeskills / Inertial Adjustment Processing Unit
February 14, 2005, 04:33:05 pm
Anyone found one of these yet? Or know where it drops (I assume one of the new alien zones, but which one?)
Bugs and Issues / Upkeep Cost Not Lowered
October 08, 2004, 08:31:14 pm
Did anyone else have their upkeep costs not reduced with the last patch?

Our city is in Coast of Tranquility, and it didn't get reduced. Neither did our neighbors, nor the site we had there before we moved.

I petitioned, and the Ark said that the GMs were aware of the problem, and she had me send an email to [email protected]. I haven't gotten any response, and I figured I'd put it up here, in case anyone else has had the same trouble.
Tradeskills / Disk of Cloudy Crystal
September 27, 2004, 04:36:44 am
found a possible combine to look into:

QL 1 Nano Programming Interface + QL 297 Disk of Cloudy Crystal

tradeskill window says teh NP interface must be at least ql 148. Any thoughts?