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Building Floor Plan Sizes.

Started by herodotus2, September 02, 2004, 07:24:33 pm

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List of confirmed plot sizes taken from various threads on these forums.

Grid house 1x1
Guard House 1x1
Sat. Uplink 1x1
Cafe 2x2 (no facing dot, defaults to facing S at placement)
OT Mining Ops 2x2
Notum Silo 3x3
OT Small HQ 3x3
Pool: 3 x 4
Landing Pad: 2 x 2
Cloak/ECM: 3 x 3
Sky Bar: 1 x 2

Small Clan Headquarters : 3x3
Clan ECM Tower: 3x3
Clan Grid House: 1
Clan Satellite Uplink: 1
Clan Notum Mining Facility: 2x2
Clan Sky Bar: 1x2
Clan Cafe: 2x2
Clan Landing Pad: 2x2
Clan Guard House: 1
Clan Notum Silo confirmed 3x3
Clan Swimming Pool confirmed 4x3




Market: 2x2

It is in a L shape with door in the L angle, but takes 2x2 squares still. Beta information, shouldn't change...


Can someone tell us for sure the footprint size on a large HQ?

we know Small HQ is 3x3, werepyr has told us the Medium HQ is 4x4...
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If you look at HH's Large HQ, just west of Galway Castle, and pace off the sidewalk squares, it appears to be only a 4x4 also.
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I can confirm that a larg HQ is 4x4
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Omni Tek Small ECM is 2x2 large squares (10x10 small)
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Clan Large HQ is 4x4.
I noticed all Clan buildings were faced north as default.
And when rotating it goes counter-clockwise:
North, west, south, east then north again
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