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Started by Friregan, May 17, 2004, 12:43:24 pm

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Gamespy preview

QuoteAlien Invasion lets guilds construct cities by buying plots on Rubi-Ka and then adding buildings. You'll have markets to buy and sell goods, plastic surgery areas to change your character model, and trade skill rooms where your skills are boosted. You can adorn cities with unique decorations and artwork. Your guild hall will be a home base, but since each city can have up to five of these structures, guilds will be forced into close quarters. This will be important, because these areas aren't necessarily safe havens; guild cities are going to have unpleasant company.

It turned out that the boss defeated at the end of Shadowlands was simply a guardian. By killing him, a race of aliens is unleashed on Rubi-Ka. Every so often, they'll fly ships down to the outskirts of a guild city, dropping off a horde of aliens who try to kill the inhabitants and seize control of the city. Hence the name of the expansion.

"This is the first time in any MMO when the game is coming to you," says Funcom's Jorgen Tharaldsen. For each player in the city, based on his level, the A.I. will tailor a group of alien invaders to hunt him down and try to kill him. If they player flees or is killed, the aliens move on to try to capture the city's control center. But if the aliens are beat back, players can enter their ship. The ship's interior is essentially a spawned dungeon with a time limit. If you kill the boss alien and escape within the time limit, you'll get some sort of uber-loot. But if you're still in the ship when the time limit runs out, you'll be killed when the ship takes off with you trapped inside.

"We want to be very careful that alien attacks don't feel like griefing," says game director Marius Enge. The servers will track how often guild members are online and adjust alien attacks accordingly. If you've got guys spending forty hours a week playing, they might expect daily attacks. But less committed players won't have their limited playing time clogged constantly fending off invaders. The grid, a sort of alternate digital reality that lets players travel around quickly, will be easier to use to get around so players can use it to respond to attacks.

One possible drawback of this expansion is that it seems to be primarily geared towards players who work with their guilds a lot. Aliens will only attack guild cities at first (although Enge hinted that they might eventually expand alien activity to other locations). Players who tend towards soloing or casual grouping might not find themselves in guild cities very often. But with markets, goods can be globally advertised. Buyers can remotely purchase items, but they'll have to travel to the market to pick them up. Funcom hopes this new system might encourage visits to guild cities, where non-guild members can find themselves on the receiving end of unexpected alien hostility.

Alien Invasion doesn't add additional levels for existing players, who are still capped at level 200. But like the Shadowlands expansion's shadow experience, it adds a unique experience progression for killing aliens. With alien experience, players can acquire some of the 600 new perks and 200 new special attacks, some of which are unique to certain classes and breeds. New alien technology will also add new items to the game, like weapons built out of viruses rather than nano-technology. A new tutorial has similar to Shadowlands' "Backyards" area for newbies will be also added to ease players into Rubi-Ka and walk them through their first few levels. And, to get them used to the idea of alien invasions, the tutorial will be built around a crashed alien ship. Think of it as a reminder that they just might be coming for you.

"600 new perks and 200 new special attacks" hmmmm, yeah




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