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August 04, 2021, 02:49:06 pm

New items post here

Started by phelsior, September 02, 2004, 09:57:42 am

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Stuff to try out:

Manteze Scout Nasal Membrane
Membrane Pulp (bio communicator + Nasal membrane)
Rollerrat Queen Erythocyte (bio-communicator + Rollerrat Queen blood)
Kyr'Ozch Bio-Mechanical Computer (Alien drop)
Solid clump of kyr'ozch (Alien drop)

Post new items you find here along with where they drop if not self-explanatory. Lets help our engineers find out what they do! :)


Overheated compiler - dropped from Alien General on land
Smelly Liquid - alien general too
Fuzzy swatch of alien fabric - same general


Viral Data Storage
Cannister of Powder
Crystalline Disk

general loot

Also ive seen Dark Biotech rod, i think it makes the stupid Ring of the same name but im not sure


Alien Language Matrix  
Broken Projector Mechanism
-Member of Regulators, Rimor


I found an Anun Wing

which should make Anun Membrane Gloves

I also found Anun Leg which has 6 processes as target which means armor to me.



Nano Imput hood (alien fabric (lets say fuzzy)+Hood=Fuzzy Nano Input Hood) different types of fabric do diff types of hoods.

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