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City Building

Started by Daimoness, September 01, 2004, 05:53:03 pm

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Statues is 0.25x0.25, at least it looks like that on the map :p


How about instead of using fractions of the "squares" you keep counting in to use one "tile" (e.g. size of a park tree) as the unit to count in?
I´ll post my observations about the size in "tiles" for every building I can find out this evening.


It looks like 1 square = 4x4 tiles. The pavement along roads seems to be 1 tile.


I´m pretty sure it´s more like 1 square is 5x5 tiles because as far as I remember I counted that many tiles for the smallest buildings which would be 1x1 square. No matter what it looks like we´re developing a unit system now where one square is the smallest size of a building whereas 1 tile is a smaller unit a pavement takes.


Yeah, I believe that 1 square is 5x5 tiles on the map...however, some buildings aren't quite aligned properly, or take up more titles when placed than their physical size. (for instance, our Small Neutral HQ is really 10x15 tiles, despite being 3x3 squares) Some alignment issues on the Notum Mine building cause it to overlap into the "border" space by 1 tile and only extend 4 tiles in the inner space on our land as well.

Also, there are some bugs with mesh overlap even if tenichally the tiles have space... for instance, we have a 2x3 square spot, with a 2x2 cafe in the south half. We placed a 2 tile object (bar whompah) in the NE corner, followed by a 1 tile gap, followed by another 2 tile object below it. Technically it "fits", but the lower of the two objects floats about 15m in the air at the same height as the little roof extension on the edge of the Cafe. ;)

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Í´m just refering to the "technical" size of the buildings as Jayde calls them.
The sizes in tiles I´ve found out so far are:

Small HQ: 15x15
Large HQ: 20x20
Notum Silo: 15x15
ECM: 15x15
Notum Mining: 10x10
Satelite Uplink: 5x5
Grid House: 5x5
Wompah: 2x2
Sky Bar: 5x10
Swimming Pool: 15x20
Landing Pad: 10x10
Café: 10x10

All the buildings I checked were Omni ones but as far as I´ve seen so far the sizes don´t differ between the factions.
edit: confirmed sizes.


2 questions from me atm ;)

1) can anyone confirm the size of the large HQ - 3x3 or 4x4?

2) has anyone built a medium HQ yet - and if so - what size is it? :)
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Quote from: "ChronitaAO"2 questions from me atm ;)

1) can anyone confirm the size of the large HQ - 3x3 or 4x4?

2) has anyone built a medium HQ yet - and if so - what size is it? :)

Large HQ confirmed as 4x4 ^^


Does all the buildings (not city decoration/smaller streuctures) default to south when put in the build map? If not, can someone post which dir it deos default to? I know clan sidewalk cafe defaults to south.


Default Postition is to North, rotating is W, S, E, N
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Might want to add in the small ECM size on the first post, to prevent looking through several pages to find the info.