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October 28, 2021, 12:39:35 am

AI weapons

Started by Implantmaker, September 01, 2004, 01:20:27 pm

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With the AI launch, there comes a whole new set of weapons. Looking forward to it. I actually just wanted to be the first that posted on this forum, but I have also had my hands in this weapons. Some are awesome, and some are junk. They drop from all aliens, but if u manage to get inside a ship, there will be bosses that drops great versions of them. The litte creatures that looks like spiders, think they are called Xinx ore something also drops weapons. Good hunting, and good luck in AI  :twisted:


Yeah really hoping for some nice pistols to drop for once :)

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Quote from: "Tomtemor"Yeah really hoping for some nice pistols to drop for once :)

Reactions will no doubt be mixed. Some people are gonna be like "omg uber" and others are gonna be like "wtf why you give us this crap sscrew you FC! BLARG!!"

I will probably be somewhere in the middle given I play an MP and an MA  :P

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I dont care if the stats suck, just give me a gun that will make all n00bs go:

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Sell your SL weapons fast, before market rate goes down  :shock:

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found a few weapons and some ncu items during our first invasion, didnt get too far in the ship though,


Seems to be some nice Shotguns tough. But, SL weapons like smg, jame and mbc can be pretty good when playing against aliens.


Do anyone here know where the Kyrz'och Sword and Hammer or SledgeHammer drops? I mean which mob or is there a special place which they drop ? (else of ICC Backyards)
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