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September 20, 2021, 10:42:58 pm

Area 35 Guide

Started by Roedran, February 14, 2005, 07:43:21 pm

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To get to the new alien playfields, go to ICC, run out the tunnel, keep going till you hit a large landing pad. You'll know it when you see it. Stand near the Beacon, and the shuttle will land once every 10 mins. Step into the blue pulsing circle, and you'll zone to the new area. Run down till you find the Unicorn Security Administrator and chat with him.

Area 35 PREP

Talk to Unicorn Security Administrator at the top and get access to Area 35. You'll get a mission. Come down to the mission gates to 35.

A Unicorn will soon say GATES OPEN, run up to the gate, and establish a portal. Right-click the portal to enter. On the other side, work your way down with the group, swams of aliens here and there.

DO NOT run into laser fense, wait till gatekeeper spawn portal and click on. If you try run -- you die instantly.

Make two tanking teams -- there are two bosses at the end. Be sure each tank team has enfie, 2 docs, etc.

Be sure to set a leader as /assist so all mobs are hit at the same time/no one targets a tower by accident, etc. If someone does, they'll die. (You'll understand in a bit.)


Go in, kill MOBS...

You'll reach the large open area with three towers. Do not attack these towers, and keep your distance from them. Do not target or attack them in any way, or mongo/do anything with an AOE nearby. No aoe pet effects, no enfie AOEs of any kind, no AOE attacks or heals, etc.

Raidleader should chat with the Engineer here, and say that we're ready to help. He'll despawn and go into the ship at this point.

Kill the aliens as they spawn in waves. Best to circle around the towers and the waves come in from all angles.

Clan-Style Raid: Ancalagon says... When we stood inside the towers, we didn't get spawns. Once we moved slightly outside and ran around outside the towers we got spawns.

Ring around the towers, a pocket full of posies.
Joint clan/omni raid for teh win.

Omni-Style Raid: Banishedsoul Says... You can stand inside the towers, just yell and scream %$#@ to all the people at start of raid.. repeat it.. make sure people dont mongo.. aoe.. take of aoe buffs on pets.. auras.. etc etc etc


This area has two bosses and they come at the same time. One spawns on E side, other on W. Best to keep them apart. Split up the group into two, one tank on each -- everyone assist on one then the other.

Banishedsoul Says: We noticed when we had the one boss at 20% that he got a reflect... Then I targetted the other. And that was named "Support", so one boss feeds reflect to other.

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The aliens try to destroy the towers, btw. If they destroy all the towers,
a huge number of aliens spawns. A small raid (23 people or so) got wiped
out by this on RK 1 last night or so.

Might be a good source of axp if you can bring enough firepower and
are willing to do without the boss loot. I don't expect that any group
that can meet the first condition will be willing to meet the second.
If someone were to kill off the big wave, I wonder what, if anything,
would come after.
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